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Extracurricular Activities

Elementary Intramural Sports Programs

Cheyenne Mountain School District 5th and 6th grade elementary students compete against each other in boys' basketball and team handball, and girls' basketball and volleyball. Boys' team handball takes place in September. Girls' volleyball takes place in October/November. Boys' basketball takes place in January/February, and girls' basketball takes place in February/March. All schools divide up the students into three squads (A, B, and C) based on ability, This way, the teams are as evenly matched as possible.

The focus of the Intramural Program is to teach basic skills for the sport, and teach and encourage sportsmanship. The teams should be lead by the principal or coach to repeat the following pledge prior to each game:

"I pledge to play this game the best that I can, to respect my coaches, the opponents, the referees and the rules of the game. I pledge to improve myself in sportmanship and skills."