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Staff Directory

Contact Peggy Alpeter  Peggy Alpeter Band
Contact Amy Anderson  Amy Anderson Grade 3
Contact Ann-Keve Blackburn  Ann-Keve Blackburn Grade 2
Contact Katherine Bray  Katherine Bray Special Education
Contact Sarah Carreon  Sarah Carreon Kindergarten
Contact Gina Dowlin  Gina Dowlin Interventionist
Contact Vicki Dreyer  Vicki Dreyer Technology Integration Specialist
Contact Megan Easdon  Megan Easdon Counselor
Contact Susan Foster  Susan Foster Art
Contact Brenda Hallee  Brenda Hallee Interventionist
Contact Laura Hicks  Laura Hicks Grade 5
Contact Tyler Hicks  Tyler Hicks Grade 3
Contact Annie House  Annie House Grade 2
Contact Scott Johnson  Scott Johnson (719) 527-0300 ex: #38 Physical Education
Contact Brenda King  Brenda King Grade 1
Contact Myra Kirkpatrick  Myra Kirkpatrick Custodian
Contact Hannah Kovach  Hannah Kovach Speech
Contact Megan Mathias  Megan Mathias Elementary School Nurse
Contact Danae McClure  Danae McClure Grade 4
Contact Stacey Merkel  Stacey Merkel Kindergarten
Contact Ragan Neil  Ragan Neil Secretary
Contact Lori Paulsen  Lori Paulsen Special Education
Contact Ann Pederson  Ann Pederson Grade 6
Contact Shelly Peterson  Shelly Peterson Music
Contact Robin Reintsema  Robin Reintsema Principal
Contact Kelly Ringler  Kelly Ringler Grade 4
Contact Cynthia Rossi  Cynthia Rossi Interventionist
Contact Lori Santy  Lori Santy Health / Office Aide
Contact Makenzie Steen Miller  Makenzie Steen Miller Special Education
Contact Cindy Trussell  Cindy Trussell Special Education Para
Contact Randy Trussell  Randy Trussell Grade 6
Contact Marion Wesley  Marion Wesley Grade 5
Contact Rebecca Williams  Rebecca Williams ELD
Contact Susan Zakrajsek  Susan Zakrajsek Grade 1

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