Mission and Core Beliefs


At Piñon Valley Elementary School, we believe in high academic standards with individual achievement oriented to excellence.

We strive to promote the development of appropriate social skills, respect for self and others, application of learning and technology and the enrichment of the " whole child."

We believe that our students are our first priority and that education is an ongoing partnership between staff, parents and the community.

Our goal is to provide each child with the skills enabling him/her to become a lifelong learner and a productive member of the community.

Our Piñon Valley Core Beliefs

We believe that every attempt should be made to maintain the dignity of both the adult and the student.

We believe that students should be guided and expected to solve the problems they create without making problems for anyone else.

We believe that there should be a logical connection between misbehavior and resulting consequences.

We believe that misbehavior should be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving and preparation for the real world.

We believe that students should be given the opportunity to make decisions and live with the results, whether the consequences are good or bad.

We believe that misbehavior should be handled with natural consequences instead of punishments whenever possible.

We believe that students should know that misbehavior results in loss of privileges.

We believe that students should have the opportunity to tell their side of the story when consequences appear to be unfair.

This is a set of core beliefs we developed as a staff at the onset of this school year, and a set of beliefs we feel very passionate about fulfilling. If you ever feel we (individually or collectively) are acting out of accordance with this set of beliefs in any way, we are counting on you to bring it to our attention, as we have made promises to each other, to hold ourselves equally accountable on a daily basis. Thank you for helping us stay true to our intention in supporting our students in every possible way.


Our vision for Piñon Valley Elementary School is that it will be a warm, accepting, loving, family-like atmosphere which celebrates children in every way. There will be ongoing, stimulating opportunities for active learning and high achievement on our campus. We will also encourage pride in self, school and our community in our students. We will continually work to make our school a welcoming, comfortable, nurturing and orderly place. We will set high standards and expectations for learning which challenge student's intellects. We will also work to provide opportunities for success and individual growth.

Our vision is that children will feel safe, accepted, supported and academically challenged at Piñon Valley Elementary School. They will be encouraged to become life-long learners who demonstrate a love of learning. They will have a solid mastery of basic skills and an understanding of practical applications of learning in everyday life. Children will also be provided with enrichment activities to encourage the development of divergent thinking, problem solving and creativity. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and will be held accountable for their academic performance and their social interactions with their peers. The uniqueness and strengths of every individual will be valued, accepted and encouraged by all staff members.

The Piñon Valley staff will be facilitators in the creation of an atmosphere of learning and will monitor effective use of instructional time. They will also facilitate the development of sharing, cooperation and the display of pride and mutual respect both in the school and in the community. The staff will be accountable for helping students grow both academically and socially to become productive citizens in tomorrows world. Staff members will accept their responsibility of serving as positive role models for students and will display a strong love of learning themselves. The entire staff will help one another be the best that they can be by nurturing, motivating and supporting one another whenever possible.

Piñon Valley parents will be encouraged to feel welcome in our school and that they are valued and vital partner in the education of their children. The staff will encourage parents to feel proud to be an active part of our school and also of our community. Parents will be encouraged to share and to support our school mission, goals and objectives and to also set high expectations for their children both academically and socially. Parents will be expected to be partners in the learning process and to communicate openly and regularly with the staff regarding their child's progress in all areas.

The Piñon Valley community will form a strong partnership with one another to achieve high academic goals in a safe, caring environment. Our vision is that this environment will be one where learning is valued by all. At Piñon Valley Elementary School, students will develop citizenship, responsibility, knowledge, self-worth and strong leadership skills. These attributes will help each student become a productive member of a global society.

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