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Principal's Message

Mrs. Robin Reintsema

Robin ReintsemaDear PVE Families,

I’m always telling whoever will listen that if you give your personal best, people can’t help but notice and whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you're right.  Well, as a fifth year principal at PVE this year, I have certainly continued to notice the unparalleled level of commitment and investment our students have demonstrated in taking such amazing care of their own learning in the face of intense District 12 academic rigor.

I am extremely proud of the way our students have embraced the opportunity to advocate for themselves, not just academically, but socially as well. In Striving for Five and exemplifying our R2EACH commitments of respect, responsibility, attitude, cooperation, and honesty, our students have been role models and priceless mentors of one another when it comes to making choices they can all be proud of at school. We consistently receive extremely positive feedback whenever our kids are out in the community, on a field trip, or even just here at school when we have visitors or guest teachers come into our building. Our students' character makes them stand out in a crowd in only the best of ways because they are so mannerly, respectful, and empathetic! I can't emphasize enough the degree to which our teachers pour themselves and half of themselves again into their charges.  This enables the ripple of their positive influence to travel far beyond the classroom.

I know I’ve told you several times that your children are my heroes, but I cannot emphasize enough how much and in how many ways I admire them not just for their delightful personalities and cleverness, but for their immense hearts, as well. I admire you, as parents, too, for the remarkable job you do supporting your child’s educational and social emotional journey and for being so open to working collaboratively with us here at PVE to make the most of your child’s time with us during these most impressionable of years.  It would be impossible to do what we do at Piñon without you, so thank you!

I’m looking so forward to the magic the years ahead may hold in store for all of us at Piñon Valley ... my door is always open to you, so please don't hesitate to use it.

Robin Reintsema
PVE Principal